Checkers Library TV

Checkers Library TV Reading Road Trip: Full STEAM Ahead! (Fall 2021)

Checkers TV is a weekly educational entertainment program featuring Checkers the Inventor, his robot sidekick, Snoozer, and a variety of special visitors! Each weekly episode also includes segments featuring storytelling, author interviews, art projects, science experiments, interactive games, contests, comedy, magic, and exciting short films that will have children on the edge of their seats. […]

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Mindfulness Tips & Practice for Children, Students, and Caregivers

Free Access to Headspace for SJSD Students & Educators St. Joseph Public School District students and educators with access to their email inbox can access Headspace mindfulness and meditation content for FREE! To register using your email address, please follow the instructions below: Visit this website: If you are new to Headspace, […]

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