The next meeting of the Foundation will be Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 12:15, at the East Hills Library.


Board Members

Kathy Hill Bahner, Secretary
Susan Campbell
Kristina Hannon
Steve Huff
Sharon Kosek, President
LeeAnn Leonard
Bill McMurray
Brian Myers
Gary Myers, Vice President
Amy Ryan
Ralph Schank, Treasurer
Brad Weil
Ingrid Woodbury

The St. Joseph Public Library Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization promoting private donations to ensure the library’s growth toward excellence. The Board meets quarterly.

Help the Foundation create an endowment to:

    • Enhance library services
    • Augment library resources
    • Contribute to capital resources

Recent donations to the library include:
– Donating $10,000 to the library system for the purchase of popular books.
– Paying for a $45,000 upgrade to the audiovisual equipment in the theater at the East Hills Library.
– Providing funding for the Downtown branch to become certified as the first Family Place Library™ in Missouri.

The St. Joseph Public Library serves the community as a center for information, recreation, culture and education.  From babies to retirees, students to business owners, people from all segments of the community come to the St. Joseph Public Library to find practical answers, to develop talents, to stretch the imagination and simply to enjoy the beautiful facilities.

Your Contribution makes a difference.

Your donation to the Foundation helps to provide a basis of perpetual support to the St. Joseph Public Library.  Donations will be listed here and in the library’s newsletter.  Credit card donations are accepted via PayPal on the website.  Please contact Mary Beth Revels at 816-232-7729 or if you prefer a personal visit.

Levels of Giving:
Advocate: $1,000 +
Steward: $500 – $999
Partner: $250 – $499
Builder: $100 – $249
Hero: $25 – $99
Helper: $24 & under

Current Year Donations:
Advocate in Memory of Laura Hutton: Thomas R. Wall, IV; Jody & Doug Hutton; David Riggs; Diane LaFollette
Steward in Memory of Laura Hutton: Kendall Randolph; Susan & Robert Tobin; Jeannette & David Holland
Steward: US Bank Foundation; Steven & Brenda Zwaschka
Partner in Memory of Laura Hutton: Cheryl & Tim Knapp
Partner: Lorene Walker, in memory of Mary Linda Seippel
Builder In Memory of Laura Hutton: Leslie Saverino; Judy & Craig Hutton; Leila D. Hicks; Lisa Logan; Heaton Bowman Smith & Sidenfaden Chapel; Veleda Riggs
Builder: Drew H. Brown; Mary Ann Bibens in memory of Calvin Bibens; Dave & Linda Berger; Dr. Sharon G. Kosek in honor of Millie Grace & Mason Parker; Magaret Redmond Lister in memory of Harold F. Lister; Steve Huff; Anonymous in memory of Iva Stille & Eleanor Wiemeyer; Alison & Keith Schieber; Jeff & LeeAnn Leonard in memory of Elsie Lyon; Nancy Reed; Dick & Mignon DeShon; Steven E. Goldring & Robert E. Wennersten; Charles & Marie Puett; Jerry & Sandra Mogg
Hero: In Memory of Laura Hutton: Linda & Joseph Sweeney; Andrea & Daniel Tarlas; Kathleen Young; Alicia Justice; Roseann & Bill Mytton; Carolyn & John Clemens; Fred Beason; Sharon & Larry Kosek; Suzie Dunaway; Deborah & Thomas Musser; Julia & Paul Horne; Loah & Don Stallard; Sally & Michael Pickard;  Mary Stallard; Madeleine Sanders
Clyde Weeks; Andy & Jerri Dodds; David & Sherril Lewis; Mark & Kelly Tighe; Sue & David Lichliter; Judy & Carl Mullins; Leila Hicks in memory of Anne Douglass; John & Karen Foley
Helper: Jackie Moore; Irene Karkoski

Make a Donation to the St. Joseph Public Library Foundation.