How Angel Peterson Got His Name by Gary Paulsen

Childhood memories of when the author and his friends attempted dare devil stunts on bikes, homemade skateboards, and tried to break a world record for speeding on skis. Very funny!

Million Dollar Putt by Dan Gutman    

Bogie is a blind teenager with a lot of insight when it comes to taking chances, seeing the world, and eventually mastering the game of golf. Birdie has asthma and lacks the confidence even to ride a bike, until she finds her purpose: assisting Bogie with his game. See other books by Dan Gutman

Heat by Mike Lupica

Michael Arroyo loves baseball and seems destined to lead his all-star team to the championship game, which will be held inside Yankee Stadium, with a trip to the Little League World Series on the line. But all that changes when a jealous rival coach challenges Michael’s eligibility.

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Maniac Magee  by Jerry Spinelli

An orphaned boy who breaks records and dazzles his community with his athletic abilities comes face to face with segregation and racial intolerance.

My 13th Season by Kristi Roberts

Thirteen year old Fran decides to give up her dream of becoming the first female in professional baseball after a coach attacks her just for being a girl.

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson by Bette Bao Lord

In 1947, a Chinese girl comes to Brooklyn where she becomes Americanized at school, in her apartment building, and by her love for baseball.

Rash by Peter Hautman 

In 2076 in the United Safer States of America, verbal abuse, obesity, and dangerous activities are against the law. Helmets and health food are required, and sports are either outlawed or radically changed. Bo has the opportunity to reduce his sentence when he’s chosen for the prison’s (illegal) football team, but the sadistic coach is determined to win at any cost.

The Boy Who Saved Baseball by John H. Ritter

After old Doc Altenheimer promises not to sell his acres to developers if the local, ragtag summer camp can field a team that beats the nearby exurb’s all-stars, along comes young Cruz de la Cruz, with a bat slung into a rifle holster on his saddle and a self-designed computer game that simulates the delivery of any pitch. Knowing they’ll need more than that to be ready, 12-year-old benchwarmer Tom enlists gruff loner Dante del Gato, a renowned Major Leaguer, as trainer.

By My Brother’s Side by Tiki Barber

NFL football stars Tiki and Ronde Barber have come together to create an autobiographical tale with strong, positive messages.

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Keeping Score by Linda Sue Park        

Nine-year-old Maggie likes to hang out at the fire station, where she listens to 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers games with the firemen. The new guy, Jim, teaches Maggie how to score a game. When Jim returns from Korea traumatized and unresponsive, Maggie tries to help him.

Free Baseball by Sue Corbett      

Felix knows his dad was a famous baseball player in Cuba—and that his father risked everything to send Felix to America.  Felix runs away from his home in America to become batboy for a Cuban team in the hopes of finding out about his father.

Baseball Great by Tim Green    

Josh is a budding and promising baseball player.  After his father, a minor league pitcher hoping to make it to the majors, is abruptly dumped by his Triple-A team, he signs Josh up for a traveling championship team where Josh uncovers disturbing secrets. See other books by Tim Green

Soccer Scoop by Matt Christopher 

When a cartoon appears in the school newspaper making fun of his tendency to talk a lot, Mac, the goalie for the Cougars soccer team, is determined to find out who is responsible.
See other books by Matt Christopher, including the Matt Christopher #1 Sport Stories Series.

Last Shot: a Final Four Mystery by John Feinstein  

Steven Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson are winners of the U.S. Basketball Writer’s Association 14-and-under writing contest. Their prize is a trip to the Final Four in New Orleans. Threatened with a falsified transcript that would disqualify him and his team, Chip Graber is pressured to deliberately lose the final game against Duke. Stevie and Susan Carol become resourceful sleuths determined to save Chip and to expose the scandal.   See other books by John Feinstein

Deadly Drive by Dick Patneaude

Nine years after her mother’s death in a car accident, Casey is still recovering from her own injuries, but has blossomed into a star athlete while continuing to nurse revenge fantasies against the never-identified motorist. Fresh challenges arrive: Casey’s best buddy, Lisa, turns standoffish even as a new friend nets Casey a tryout with a Seattle AAU team primed to go for the state championship.

Meet Julie: an American Girl by Megan McDonald

In 1974, after Julie’s parents divorce, she moves to a new San Francisco neighborhood where the school does not have a girls’ basketball team, so she fights for the right to play on the boys’ team.