2023-2024 Board Members
Rosetta Ballew-Jennings, President July 2022 – June 2024, Board term expires June 30, 2024
Kyla Ward, Vice President, July 2023 – June 2024, Board term expires June 30 2024
David Jordan, Treasurer, July 2022 – June 2024, Board term expires June 30, 2025
Tona Williams, Secretary July 2023 – June 2024, Board term expires June 30, 2024
Joshua Bachman, Board term expires June 30, 2025
Bobbie Cronk, Board term expires June 30, 2025
Harriet Gordon, Board term expires June 30, 2026
Jonht Slayden, Board term expires June 30, 2026
LaTonya Williams, Board term expires June 30, 2026

Meeting Rotation Schedule

The next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. at the Downtown Library.

Minutes from the March 28, 2024 Board meeting:

Meeting of the Board of Trustees
March 28, 2024, 6:00 p.m., East Hills Library


The Board of Trustees of the St. Joseph Public Library met on March 28, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. at the East Hills Library. Board members in attendance were Bobbie Cronk, Harriet Gordon, David Jordan, Jonht Slayden, Kyla Ward, LaTonya Williams, and Tona Williams. Joshua Bachman and Rosetta Ballew-Jennings were absent. Shirley Blakeney, Jessica Poet, and Mary Beth Revels were present from the staff.

Vice-President Kyla Ward called the meeting to order, and the roll call was taken.  

Under approval of the minutes, David Jordan moved and Bobbie Cronk seconded to approve the minutes of the February 22, 2024 meeting of the Board of Trustees, as presented. All Board members in attendance voted “yes.” Motion carried.

David Jordan presented the financial reports. Tona Williams moved and LaTonya Williams seconded to approve checks #34725 through #34772, February electronic withdrawals, direct deposits, and journal entries. All Board members in attendance voted “yes.” Motion carried.

David Jordan presented the February monthly financial reports. He and Mary Beth Revels met with accountant Tim Gawatz and the library finances were in good order. LaTonya Williams moved and Tona Williams seconded to approve the monthly financial reports prepared by library staff and office of Liechti & Gawatz, LLC. All Board members in attendance voted “yes.” Motion carried.

Mary Beth reported she deposited another $800,000 into the US Bank Money Center account in February. There won’t be additional money deposited into the account this year. The interest is reflected in the account on the first of the month, so the February interest accrual of $3,554 does not show on the February report. The funds in the Money Center account are liquid and can be withdrawn as needed. The money moved into treasury bills is not as liquid, they are 90-day treasury bills. The account was split this way in order to track capital reserve funds separately from operating funds.

There were no other financial reports.

Under Reports of the Committees, Kyla Ward reported the Personnel Committee met with Mary Beth Revels and reviewed her 2022 Director evaluation. David Jordan reported that the Budget Committee will be meeting on April 18, 2024 at the Downtown Library. The Budget Committee consists of Rosetta Ballew-Jennings, David Jordan, Jonht Slayden, and Tona Williams, though all trustees are welcome to attend.

Under old business, Mary Beth Revels reported that the elevator at the Downtown Library was out of service due to a leaking pipe above the controls. The pipe has been replaced and Otis Elevator is scheduled to be at the library tomorrow.

There was no other old business.

Under new business, Shirley Blakeney, branch manager of East Hills Library, provided an update on working with the homeless at the East Hills library. There are more homeless people and families spending time at the library than in the past. There have been less contentious interactions recently with no patron bans or police calls needed. Staff are aware that patrons banned last year may soon be returning to the library and are prepared to address issues as needed. An officer from the Sheriff’s Department is scheduled to stop by the East Hills once a week and a St. Joseph Police officer pledged to drive by frequently to make a police presence known if it is needed. Shirley is proud of how her staff is handling a sometimes-difficult situation with compassion, while ensuring that library policies are adhered to.

Mary Beth Revels requested permission from the Board to work with a graphic designer to start the process of updating the SJPL logo. Staff has unofficially been playing with a new logo using the tagline from the long-range plan “Part of Your Story”. The Board gave permission to move forward.

There was no other new business.

Mary Beth Revels gave the Director’s report. “Baby Prom”, hosted in partnership with Parents As Teachers, was a success. Everyone had a great time, and the attendees were adorable. SJPL is one of the sponsors for the Lions Club breakfast and in addition to the place mats, were included in the coloring book given away this year. SJPL has some of the extra coloring books available for patrons. Several months ago, the Board discussed Spanish language programming and she reported SJPL is expanding in that area. Native Spanish-speaker Erika Martinez Trejo, part time librarian at the Downtown Library, is offering Spanish Club for Adults, where people with basic Spanish knowledge can speak and learn from each other and an after-hours Lotería (Spanish Bingo) at the Downtown Library on April 26th. The library is also co-sponsoring a five-part Beginners Spanish Class for Adults.

There was no board discussion.

There was no public comment.

The next meeting will be on April 25, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. at the Washington Park Library.

There being no further business, LaTonya Williams moved and Bobbie Cronk seconded to adjourn the meeting. All Board members in attendance voted “yes.” Motion carried.

Tona Williams