The Local History Index is an index of St. Joseph and Northwest Missouri history books that either had no indexing or had inadequate indexing.

The Local History Index is made up of two parts:  the index and the bibliography.  The index is in a pdf format so that you can search for specific terms within the document.  The index will give you two pieces of information:  a bib number and a page number.  Take your bib number and open the bibliography pdf.  The bibliography will give you the title and author of the source as well as tell you where to find the item in the library.

The electronic Local History Index is a work in progress.  There are titles listed in the bibliography that have not had their entries added to the electronic Local History Index yet.  There is another volume of the Local History Index in paper format housed in the Reference Department that contains more indexing.  It is the paper index that will eventually be added with the existing pdf index.

Please contact the Reference Department if you have any questions about the Local History Index.