St. Joseph Death Record Database 1891-1902

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A few notes on the Death Record Database:

This database has been transcribed from the original Death Record Ledgers kept by the City Physicians from 1891-1909. Until 1910, the State of Missouri did not require a written death record to be kept by local authorities. In 1891 the City Physician began to keep their own records which were ultimately donated to the St. Joseph Public Library. The information recorded was based on the physician at the time. There may be different information for different years, and some information may not have been recorded by the physician. Currently, the years 1891 through 1901 are available. 1902 through 1909 will be uploaded as they are transcribed and become available.

Standard practice when we transcribe a document is to record the information as it was originally written, errors and all. However, in order for this record to be a reliable resource, every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate. Additionally, this is a working database. As we come across errors we will make corrections. If you find an error, please feel free to contact us at 816-232-8151.