JULY 22 – JULY 27


Walking tours with Clio.


Clio is an app dedicated to putting history at your fingertips.  Clio allows you to be immersed in historic places and the events that occurred around them.

The app is free on the Apple Store and Google Play.


Edmond Eckel Tour

Eckel, a renowned architect and certainly St. Joseph’s most prolific, designed countless beautiful architectural works. Follow in his footprints with some of his most notable buildings in the downtown area.


Ghosts of Progress Tour

While St. Joseph has many beautiful buildings lining its streets, at one time it had many more. Experience the history of structures that tell this city’s history, but are now ghosts lost to time.



1899 Annexation of South St. Joseph

Dr. Kim Schutte

6 p.m. Downtown Library


When St. Joseph was founded, the community to the south was not included in the city limits. As the Southside prospered with the foundation of the stockyards and associated industries, the City of St. Joseph began to cast a covetous eye on the area. St. Joseph saw in its neighbor a means to increase its population and tax base. When the proposal for annexation was put forth in 1899 many people in South St. Joseph thought that they had little to gain and much to lose. Despite their objections, annexation happened and the implications of that continue to characterize relations between the Southside and the rest of St. Joseph.




Plaster Masters

John Rodgers

Downtown Library

2 p.m.

Join local preservationist John Rodgers of Phoenix Preservation as he demonstrates the essentials of plaster for historic homes. He will cover the importance of proper technique when installing new plaster. He will also briefly address what to do when you are dealing with damaged plaster, and how to cast molding.


Prawitz Photograph Collection

Cole Woodbury

Robidoux Row

7 p.m.

Local Historian Cole Woodbury will be discussing Robidoux Row’s Prawitz collection, photographs from the early 1900s of saint Joseph. Most of them are from downtown and Krug park showing the city as it was in that time.



From Expansion to Intersection: A History of Transportation in St. Joseph

Evan Banks

1 p.m. Downtown Library

As Americans of European and African descent migrated westward with their eyes set on new prospects, trading posts and eventual cities followed in their wake. Technological advances in the 19th and 20th centuries made it possible to move larger quantities of goods and communicate across greater distances. From covered wagons, trains, and steamboats to the politics surrounding sidewalk appropriation and electric scooters, explore how changes in transportation technology affected St. Joseph and its citizens.


Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society

6 p.m.

Historic Treasures at the Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society

You know the NWMGS has lots of resources to help you with your genealogy research, but did you know it also has rare and unique items from St. Joseph’s history? Kelly Alvarado will showcase some of the most interesting items in NWMGS’s collection.



The Wild Side of Early St. Joseph

Shelly Cox – Naturalist Remington Nature Center

2 p.m. Downtown Library

This presentation will look at the wildlife found in our region during the time Joseph Robidoux was trading with the Native Americans and trappers of the region. What animals lived here? How did the locals utilize this resource? How do animal populations compare today versus the 1800s? Join us to learn the answers to these questions and more!


St. Joseph Brewers Tour – Mount Mora Cemetery

River Bluff Brewing Company

6 p.m.

Did you know St. Joseph has a rich brewery history? Learn about some of the original brewers in this special summer tour at historic Mount Mora Cemetery. Meet up at River Bluff Brewery for a happy hour drink before taking a short walk to Historic Mount Mora Cemetery.

Admission $20 per person. Ticket information is available on the Mount Mora Cemetery Facebook page. Space is limited. First come first serve.


Urban Renewal: A Photographic History

Manic Snail

11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Thursday and Friday

If you missed out on seeing this during the Missouri Preservation Conference, you’re in luck! Immerse yourself in Pre-Urban Renewal St. Joseph, as images–some still in slide form–are projected in large format, on 3 different walls inside Manic Snail, 618 Francis Street. Don’t miss this impactful and awe-inspiring installation.



You Have Died of Dysentery – Oregon Trail

Downtown Library

1 p.m.

Come ford the river with us for Founders Day! Come play Oregon Trail around a table with your friends, or rock it retro style with the video game. You won’t die of starvation, because there will be snacks, but we make no promises you won’t perish on your way out Westward.


Local History Trivia Night

First Ward House

6 p.m.

Do you love local history? Do you love trivia? Well, now you can combine your passions in the ultimate battle of wits. Do you know how many children Joseph Robidoux had? How about what year St. Joseph became a city? Join us at First Ward House, the oldest saloon West of the Mississippi, to see what you know about Joe! Bring your friends, for teams of up to six!