A specialized service for St. Joseph Public Library’s homebound patrons.


What is Library-By-Mail?

Library-By-Mail brings the library right to your door! All qualifying residents of the St. Joseph Public Library District can receive library materials through the mail free of charge.


Who is eligible?

You qualify if you are temporarily or permanently homebound and live in the St. Joseph Public Library District.


What is available through Library-By-Mail?

Books, including large print versions, magazines, music CDs, audiobook CDs, and DVDs are all available through the Library-By-Mail service.


How much can I request and when are items due?

The number of items mailed is limited to what will fit in a reusable mailing bag. Some items such as DVDs, have limits. Items are checked out for 4 weeks to allow a few days for delivery and return of materials. Items can be renewed over the phone or through email.


How do I sign up for Library-By-Mail?

Start by calling the Library-By-Mail department at 236-2107 or send an email to Staff will confirm your eligibility and you will receive an application in the mail. Once the completed application is returned to the library, Library-By-Mail staff will contact you to find out what types of materials you would like to receive.