Join us for a weekly fairy tale themed scavenger hunt this summer!

Each week for the nine weeks of the summer reading program we will introduce a new fairy tale, folktale, or fable and provide four cards for you to collect to retell the story. Collect all the cards, then use the images printed on the back of each card to complete a 36-piece puzzle at the end of the summer.

To earn the “Fairy Tale Friday” badge, head over to Beanstack and register for the 2021 Summer Reading Program. Complete each of the five activities to earn the weekly series badges, collect all nine badges and answer the final riddle to complete the challenge.

Each week, you’ll watch the weekly Fairy Tale Friday story on our Fairy Tale Friday Playlist and then visit all four library branches to locate the four components of the story featured in the series.

One story component is hidden at each library branch for the duration of the week. When you locate a component at the library (example is pictured below), you will collect one of four cards– these may be used to retell the story, but they also feature a puzzle piece on the back! Stop by our libraries during regular business hours to track down the hidden images throughout the week.

Over the course of nine weeks, you’ll collect all 36 cards. Then use the cards to complete the Fairy Tale Friday puzzle as your final challenge. Answer the riddle on Beanstack correctly, and earn a prize!

Puzzle pieces from all series will remain available until the end of the summer reading program. So, if you miss a week (or two), you’ll still be able to participate.

Visit Beanstack to start the Scavenger Hunt!

Series 1: The Little Red Hen (Available starting June 4th)