Here’s how to become a member:

  1. Read a Truman or Gateway nominee from any of the SJPL branches
  2. Fill out this form with your information and select the book(s) you’ve finished.
  3. Each time you’ve read a new Truman or Gateway title, fill out the form again. We’ll keep track and contact you when you’ve earned a prize.


  • Prizes are awarded after reading 4 books from either list. Visit the Downtown Library to pick up your candy and bookmark, and wait to see your invitation to our exclusive pizza party in the spring!
  • After 4 books, your name is put into a drawing for a Kindle which party attendees are eligible to win.

The program runs through March every year and we will have a book/pizza party to discuss the nominees, eat pizza, and have the prize drawings. You also get to vote for your favorite Truman or Gateway nominee.

Call 232-7729 for more information.