We have  bi-weekly 1.5 hour Minecraft playing sessions using the Bedrock edition (this is the version that Windows 10, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS all use). We also connect via Zoom to make communication during the game easier!

Fill out the registration form through the SJPL Web Calendar to save your spot and receive the Zoom link.

Thursday, Nov. 19: Nether Exploration: Have you seen the new nether biomes? Traded with a piglin yet? Used a respawn anchor? Now is your chance; we’ll spend the whole game in the Nether.

Thursday, Dec. 3: Survival PVP.  You’ll have one hour to gather as many resources as you can, then it’s on! We’ll fight Player Vs. Player until there is only 1 player standing. Can you be the ultimate winner?

Thursday, Dec. 17: Survival building. Gather resources and build all in survival mode.