Philosophy 110
Approved by the Board of Trustees April 23, 2019

The St. Joseph Public Library will enrich our community by providing diverse resources and services to support and fulfill the life-long informational and recreational needs of our patrons.

The St. Joseph Public Library’s vision is to foster a united, engaged, and informed community where all generations connect, discover, and create.

The St. Joseph Public Library values:

ACCOUNTABILITY. We are dedicated to delivering on our commitments and for the stewardship of our taxpayer dollars.

EXCELLENCE. We are courteous professionals who strive to create extraordinary experiences for our community.

EQUALITY. We are free and open to all people and ideas.  We treat everyone with respect and compassion.

INNOVATION. We are always learning.  We are constantly exploring new ways of doing things better and doing better things.

PASSION. We love the library, we love St. Joseph, and we love what we do.

TEAMWORK. We build connections and celebrate the diversity of our experiences.