Philosophy 104
Approved by the Board of Trustees July 23, 2019

St. Joseph Public Library
Customer Service Standard

St. Joseph Public Library staff members are expected to adhere to these standards:

  1. Be punctual and patron-ready when the library doors open. Wear your nametag and a friendly demeanor.
  2. Greet every patron upon entering the library. Make an effort to learn names and use them.
  3. Look up constantly from the desk to make sure patrons are not ignored. Always acknowledge patrons, and if you can’t assist them immediately, let them know you will be with them as soon as possible.
  4. Be in the moment; focus on the task at hand and the patrons you are helping.
  5. Maintain professional composure in public areas; bad moods should be left in non-public areas.
  6. While on desk, do not access the internet for personal use.
  7. Be aware of the visual impact your service area presents. Eliminate all unnecessary clutter. Keep your drinks under the desk and leave food in staff areas.
  8. Answer kindly every time, even if you’ve been asked the same questions several times in a day.
  9. Walk patrons to the shelves or to the proper desk as you assist them instead of only pointing them in the right direction.
  10. Know the library’s policies and guidelines.
  11. Stay informed of ongoing and new programs and upcoming events.
  12. Be kind to everyone – your patrons and your coworkers.

People don’t remember what you said or what you did.  They just remember how you made them feel. ~Maya Angelou