Aaaa-ooooooo!  Oh no!  Your quiet little 16th century village has suddenly become infested with some very unfriendly (and hungry) werewolves…can you and the other villagers find them before they devour everyone?  In this tabletop role playing game (RPG) anywhere from 7 to 68 players can immerse themselves in this fictitious world of villagers and werewolves, trying to survive each round through mind games and trickery.  Each player has an agenda: as a villager, hunt down the werewolves; as a werewolf, convince the other villagers that you are innocent, while secretly attacking those same villagers each night.  Dozens of special roles are available to help both the villagers and the werewolves achieve their goals.  This game is similar to the RPG “Mafia.”  All teens are welcome to join; if you have never played before, you’ll catch on quickly!

For 7th – 12th  graders.

Thursday, January 17 @ 6 p.m.   Sign-up by January 15 required.