County and City Data Book
The United States Census Bureau offers this source of local area statistics.

County Business Patterns
Search County Business Patterns for business-related statistics. Statistics for retail, manufacturing, service industries, and more are included.

Data: The World Bank
This site offers information about education, economics, life expectancy, air quality, and much more.

Demographic Research Journal offers free access to these articles which have appeared online in the journal by the same name.

Economic Census
The Census Bureau offers statistical information from the 2002 and earlier Economic Census reports.

Energy Statistics
The Energy Information Administration database comes from the U. S. Department of Energy, and offers a wealth of energy related information.

Eurostat offers a wide variety of statistics concerning the countries of the European Union.

Frequently Used Sites Related to U. S. Federal Government Information
Use this handy site to find links to federal government resources for statistics.

Historical Census Browser
This site allows you to view United States census data from the earliest, 1790 to 1960. It’s a service of the University of Virginia Library. It contains statistics only, and has no names of the individuals surveyed in the census.

Historical Census Publications
Historical Census Publications link to information from the historical U. S. census

Historical Statistics of the United States
A variety of historical statistics are available here.

Historical Statistics on Banking
The FDIC offers this site, with banking statistics starting in 1934.

How Much Is That?
The curious can use this website to learn about a wide variety of historical economic statistics.

Kansas Agricultural Statistics
View statistical reports of Kansas agriculture here.

Missouri Census Data Center
The Missouri Census Data Center provides information about the state of Missouri, from the 2000 and earlier census reports.

Missouri Crime Statistics
This site will help locate crime statistics for Missouri.

Missouri Energy Statistics
This site offers links to sources for Missouri energy statistics.

Missouri Farm Facts
View statistical reports about Missouri agriculture here.

Missouri Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis
The Missouri Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis offers helpful interpretation of statistical information from the census and other sources.

Missouri Statistics A to Z
Missouri Statistics A to Z offers links to a wide range of statistics.

Missouri Vital Statistics
The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services offers monthly and selected annual vital statistics reports.

NAEP Data Explorer
The National Center for Education Statistics offers this database where users can search for education related statistics.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
The University of Michigan coordinates this site, which provides statistics related to crime and criminal justice.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
Users can search here for a wide variety of crime statistics.

National Center for Health Statistics
The National Center for Health Statistics offers a wide array of information about our health.

Population Reference Bureau
Visit Population Reference Bureau for information about the worlds inhabitants.

State Data Center Network
The State Data Center program acts as a conduit for Census Bureau information, adding to and enhancing the information.

Statistical Abstract of Missouri
The 2003 Statistical Abstract of Missouri offers statistical information about the people and economy of Missouri. The Abstract is produced by the Economic and Policy Analysis Research Center at University of Missouri-Columbia.

Statistical Abstract of the United States
The Statistical Abstract of the United States, one of the best places to start when you’re looking for statistical information, A to Z, about the United States. Visit the Census Bureau’s main webpage for historical volumes of the Abstract. You’ll find the link below.

Statistics- National Agencies and Compendia
This site provides links to statistical sites sponsored by many countries of the world.

TradeStats Express
The U. S. International Trade Administration offers this collection of trade statistics.

Transportation Statistics from RITA
RITA offers transportation statistics, including air travel, maritime, freight, bridges, and much more.

Unctadstat, from the United Nations, offers world economic statistics.

Find a vast array of statistics collected by the United Nations and its agencies.

United States Census Bureau
The United States Census Bureau is the primary source of statistical information about the people of the United States. Use the Publications link on the left side of the page to view information from historical census reports 1790 and up.

USA Counties
Users are able to search this site for various statistics regarding the nation’s counties.

World Bank Data Catalog
The World Bank offers a variety of world financial statistics.