Ths State of Missouri ceased distribution of paper documents in 2004. For state publications produced since 2004, visit the following website:

Many older Missouri State Government publications are still available at the Downtown Library. Consult a Reference librarian for help in finding these publications. 

Links to selected Missouri State Government websites follow.

Early Missouri Court Cases
Search selected early Missouri court cases.

Full-text State Statutes and Legislation
This site offers links to state statutes, constitutions, state codes of regulations, and more.

Law Library of Congress
The Law Library of Congress offers links to Missouri and other state government websites.

Missouri Accountability Portal
The Missouri Accountability Portal allows taxpayers to see how their money is being spent. This portion of the site offers the ability to search for the salaries of Missouri state employees.

Missouri Attorney General
The Missouri Attorney General’s office offers a list of charities registered in the state, information about registering for the state’s No Call List, Missouri’s Sunshine Law, and more.

Missouri Blue Book Archives
The content of many years of the Missouri Blue Books can be consulted here.

Missouri allows you to search state court records by the names of the people involved, filing date, case number, and by scheduled hearings and trials.

Missouri Catalog of State Assistance Programs: A Listing of Grants, Loans, and Assistance Programs
The Catalog offers information about Missouri state government funds that are available to Missouri “non-profit agencies, state and local governments and private companies.” The directory has brief information about eligibility, and details about which agencies to contact.

Missouri Code of State Regulations
Regulations, both in effect and proposed can be researched at this site. The Missouri Code of State Regulations offers regulations already in effect, and the link to the Missouri Register connects the user with proposed regulations.

Missouri Department of Agriculture
The Missouri Department of Agriculture offers agricultural statistics, information about Missouri wineries, the kinds of assistance available to small farms, and much more.

Missouri Department of Economic Development
The Missouri Department of Economic Development offers help to those wanting to start or expand a business in the state. The site also has information about community development and Missouri tourism.

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education offers a directory of public schools, information about testing and test results, information about teacher certification, and a directory of education-related organizations.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
The Department of Health and Senior Services provides information about obtaining copies of birth and death records, along with a downloadable request form. Also available are links to information about diseases, directories of hospitals and nursing homes, organ donor information, and more.

Missouri Department of Higher Education
The site of the Missouri Department of Higher Education includes a directory of publicly funded 4-year colleges and universities, information about obtaining student financial aid, and guidance for preparing for college.

Missouri Department of Insurance
The Missouri Department of Insurance accepts consumers’ complaints about insurance companies doing business in the state. The department also maintains statistics on these firms, and supplies contact information for company headquarters.

Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations provides information on worker’s compensation, employment security, mediation, and more. Employment law posters are available for download. Links to sections of labor law and answers to frequently asked questions are also available.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources site has information about state parks, historic sites, and the services offered there. You can also learn about the state’s efforts to protect our environment, and to preserve historic sites.

Missouri Department of Public Safety
The Missouri Department of Public Safety is your link to information about emergency preparedness, the states Amber Alert program, and services available to victims of crime. A link is provided here to the states list of sex offenders.

Missouri Department of Revenue
The Missouri Department of Revenue site is the source for Missouri tax forms; answers to frequently asked questions; study guides for drivers’, commercial drivers’, and motorcycle operators’ license exams; a list of Tax Assistance Centers, and more.

Missouri Department of Social Services
The Missouri Department of Social Services is a good source of information about adoption, blindness, child abuse and neglect, child support, foster care, Medicaid, and other programs.

Missouri Department of Transportation
The Missouri Department of Transportation provides links to helpful information about highway repairs and winter road conditions.

Missouri Division of Professional Registration
This agency of Missouri state government allows you to search for credentials held by many professionals licensed by the state.

Missouri Historical Documents Browser
The Missouri Historical Documents Browser offers links to information about an expanding selection of Missouri state government publications.

Missouri House of Representatives
The Missouri House of Representatives site lets you learn about current legislation, who serves on committees, what hearings are scheduled, who serves your area, and more.

Missouri Roster 2013-2014
The Missouri Roster lists current state government officials along with contact information.

Missouri Secretary of State
The Secretary of State’s office provides access to the Missouri Code of State Regulations, the Missouri Register, elections information, business-related forms, and more.

Missouri Soil Surveys
Learn about Missouri soils, and view soil maps.

Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property
The Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property allows you to access information about surplus property held by state government agencies.

Missouri State Agency Links
Visit this website for a helpful selection of links to Missouri state government websites.

Missouri State Government
The Missouri State Government site provides links to government offices, tax forms, travel information, a state government telephone directory, and more.

Missouri State Senate
The Missouri State Senate website allows you to learn who serves your area, who serves on committees, listen to debates, and more.

Missouri Unclaimed Property Division
The Missouri Unclaimed Property Division helps people track down funds from idle bank accounts, items from long-forgotten safe deposit boxes, and funds from government agencies and other sources, that couldn’t be reunited with their owners.

Network of Care
Network of Care helps Missourians locate information and support for those with developmental disabilities, and mental and behavioral health issues.