AARP offers resources of interest to senior citizens.

Compilation of Social Security Laws
Social Security laws are available here for review.

Eldercare Locator
Use this site to help find local providers of information and assistance for those dealing with Alzheimer’s, nutrition issues, housing questions, long term care and much more.

Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home
This online guide will help you make the right decision in choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one.

Long Term Care Link
Long Term Care Link has information to help people make decisions about long term care. Topics included are adult day care, assisted living, hospice, and many more.

Visit the Medicare site for the latest information on coverage, and more.

Money Smartz
Money Smartz has links to lots of helpful information about investing and retirement.

New Lifestyles
New Lifestyles provides information about housing and care options for seniors, and a directory of products and services searchable by geographic area.

NPR Nursing Home Database
National Public Radio has posted this useful information online. Use it to help in selecting a nursing home for yourself or a loved one.

Nursing Home Comparison
The Medicare system offers this service which allows users to make better choices among nursing homes.

Retirement Cafe
Retirement Cafe links the user to vast stores of helpful information about retirement.

Road Scholar
The adventurous retiree has access through Road Scholar to many opportunities for enrichment travel.

Social Security
The Social Security Administration site offers informative publications, forms, popular baby names, information on disability benefits, and much more.