Adoption, Intercountry
The United States Department of State offers information of help to those who would like to adopt children from other countries.

African American Mosaic
The Library of Congress offers information about the history of African-Americans.

All About Birds
All About Birds, from Cornell University, offers a wealth of information about birds. You can see photos of birds, read descriptions of their calls, see pictures of their eggs, and much more.

All Movie Guide
All Movie Guide offers cast lists, reviews of older films, and the opportunity for you to rate new films. You can also look at filmographies, information about awards, and other interesting facts.

American Film Institute
American Film Institute evaluates movies, selecting what it considers to be the best of all time. It offers lists of the best songs, best heroes and villains, legendary actors and actresses, and more. Some content is available only by subscription, but there is a great deal of information available free.

Army Technical Manuals
Learn virtually anything you’d want to know about the day to day operation of our Army.

Audubons Birds of America at the University of Pittsburgh
View images of Audubons unsurpassed paintings of birds of North America.

Baby Name Popularity
The Social Security Administration offers this site that traces popular names through the years.

Behind the Name
Behind the Name tells about the history of our names.

Big Cartoon Database
Encyclopedic knowledge about the world of cartoons.

Black Voices
Black Voices, news of special interest to African Americans.
Try for instructive tutorials in using hardware and software.

Citizenship Information
Those seeking to become citizens of the United States can use the information provided by this site. Videos, forms, and other information is offered.
If youve missed an episode of a favorite TV show, Clicker may be able to link you to an online version.

Daily Kos Compendium of Public Domain Image Links
The Daily Kos offers links to sources of public domain images. Descriptions and cautionary notes are included. Some providers may charge.

Dead People Server
The Dead People Server lets you find out if celebrities have died and when. You can also read brief biographical information.
If you need some help figuring out how to repair your car, do origami, or maintain your home, Ehow may provide the answers.

Elected Officials Search from Common Cause
Common Cause makes it easy to look up your elected officials.

Encyclopedia of Television
The Encyclopedia of Television offers information about the people who create the television programs we watch, the programs themselves, and other television related subjects.

Etiquette, or How Mom Told You to Behave
The Emily Post Institute provides gentle reminders about how we should conduct ourselves at weddings, at work, on holidays, and elsewhere.

FBI Records: The Vault
The FBI has made selected information from its files available online. Information about the famous and the infamous may be found here.

Free Public Records Directory
The directory provides links to many sources of public records nationwide. The website manager indicates when government agencies charge for access.

Geekipedia, the place to go for definitions of the high-tech world.

How Stuff Works
If you’re the curious type, and you’ve been wondering about how cell phones work, how spyware works, or about the latest in computer memory advances, this is the place to look. It’s informative and fun!

Image*After offers thousands of free images and textures to enhance your project

Internet Archive/Wayback Machine
The Internet Archive stores old versions of websites, and sites that no longer exist.

Internet Broadway Database
Visit this site for information about Broadway, both historic and current.

Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database has reviews of movies old and new, trailers for new movies, and much more.

Internet Public Library
Internet Public Library offers links to many useful websites.

Invisible Web
Sometimes even the best search engines dont produce the results you want. Try here if youre having trouble finding what you need.

View reports on reseach being performed by people in the Kansas City area.

Kids-in-Mind offers parents detailed information about the content of movies and DVDs. Instances of sex or nudity, violence or gore, profanity, snd substance abuse are described so parents can make informed decisions about what their children see on movie and TV screens.

Life Magazine Photo Archive
Life magazine offers this collection of photos from its decades of publication.

Mandys Film and TV Production Directory
Consult Mandys when seeking employment or for other information about the film or TV industry.

MorgueFile Free Stock Photos
MorgueFile offers many free stock photos

North American Bird Phenology Program
The North American Bird Phenology Program is composed of historic records of bird migration. Volunteers are in the process of transcribing them into this database. Researchers hope to use the records to understand more about the effects of climate change on native birds.

Open Folklore
Open Folklore, a collaboration of the American Folklore Society and Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, offers access to information of value to those studying folklore.

Open Source and Free Software Directory
Links are offered for sources of software. Applications include audio editing, still image, moving image, cross media, and other.

Presidential Birthday and Anniversary Greetings
If youd like to have the President of the United States send your loved ones greeting cards on milestone occasions, you can learn here how to make your request.

Project Vote Smart
Vote Smart offers non-partisan voter information.

Roman Numeral Conversion
If you have trouble translating Roman numerals to Arabic or back, this is a handy site to visit.

Rotten Tomatoes
Visit Rotten Tomatoes for movie reviews by professionals and amateurs, with ratings from ripe to splat.

Stock.xchange offers hundreds of thousands of free stock photos.

Straight Dope
Straight Dope offers sometimes irreverent but always well researched answers to life’s nagging questions.

Structurae offers information about structures beginning with the Egyptian pyramids. offers virtually anything you might want to know about a cartoon or cartoon character, whether it got its start in comic books, newspapers, in movies, or on TV. aims to provide virtually anything you want to know about TV. You can find information about current and earlier shows, their stars, directors, writers, and more. You can also find reviews of shows, and summaries of series with continuing plotlines.

VideoJug has videos to explain how many things are done, whether you want to know how to do origami, or how to style your hair.

You Say it How?
You Say It How offers a dictionary style guide to pronouncing the names of famous people, along with recordings of the names.