American West
American West includes links to information about many aspects of the history of the United States west of the Mississippi River.

Discovering Lewis & Clark
Discovering Lewis & Clark provides information about the expedition, the Corps, the geography encountered on the journey, excerpts from the participants’ journals, and more.

History of the City of St. Joseph, Missouri
The city of St. Joseph’s website includes information about Jesse James and the James home, the Patee House, the Pony Express, the city’s founder Joseph Robidoux III, a list and photos of St. Joseph mayors, and more.

James-Younger Gang
This site provides information about the James-Younger Gang. You can find information here about the members of the gang, the women, those from whom they stole property, and those people who lost their lives.

Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Here, you can read the journals of the members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, listen to recordings of selected passages, and more

Lewis and Clark Across Missouri
The University of Missouri-Columbia Geographic Resources Center offers this site, which traces the Lewis and Clark expedition across the state.

St. Joseph Missouri Memory Lane
This site offers photos from Joseph’s past.

St. Joseph Museum, St. Joseph, Missouri
The St. Joseph Museum offers information about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Pony Express, the California Gold Rush, photographs from its archives, fun for kids, and more.

XP Pony Express Home Station
Visit this site for information about the Pony Express.