Amended & Approved by the Board of Trustees 5/26/15


The Board of Trustees actively encourages and solicits gifts, grants, and contributions to the Library which will further its mission and goals in serving the public.

Financial gifts that are intended for the purchase of specific items, subject areas, or are in other ways designated, should be negotiated through the appropriate branch manager, library administrative assistant, or library director.

Gifts of specific items such as books, audio-visual materials, periodicals, and other materials shall be accepted by the St. Joseph Public Library District.  While it is not the practice of the St. Joseph Public Library District to accept material with externally imposed conditions, the library does recognize that community organizations may request some negotiated conditions for the donation.  Any such conditions should be negotiated with the administrative staff of the library.

Material gifts shall be subject to the same procedural consideration that is utilized when considering an item for purchase. Specific donations shall be considered with the explicit understanding that such factors as physical condition of the material, duplication of the material, lack of community interest, processing costs, or inadequate space may prevent the addition or permanent retention of an item in the collection.  The St. Joseph Public Library District accepts material donations with the understanding that the disposition of any material the library cannot add to, or retain in the collection, will be as the library deems appropriate.