Approved by the Board of Trustees 3/28/2017

Donor Agreement

The mission of the St. Joseph Public Library’s Oral History Project is to document the history of St. Joseph, Missouri and the surrounding area.  An important part of this effort is the collection of oral history interviews with knowledgeable individuals from all walks of life.  In order for your interview/s to be placed in the St. Joseph Public Library’s archive for future historical use, it will be necessary for you to sign this gift agreement.  Before doing so, you should read it carefully and ask any questions you may have regarding its terms and conditions.

I, the undersigned Donor, permanently donate and convey my oral history interview(s) to the St. Joseph Public Library.

In making this gift, I understand that the recording(s) of my oral history is being made by an employee, agent or representative of the St. Joseph Public Library (SJPL) and as a result of the SJPL actually making the recording, the SJPL is the owner of all copyrights in the particular recording of my oral history.  I understand that the SJPL ownership of the copyright in the particular recording of my oral history in no way limits or restricts my right to re-tell or use an any way my oral history and that I may tell my oral history to others or create other recordings of my oral history.

In return for my cooperation in telling my oral history, the St. Joseph Public Library grants me a nonexclusive license to utilize my interview(s) during my lifetime. I also grant to the SJPL the right to use my name and likeness in any SJPL promotional materials or publications or projects.

Also, I understand that the audio recording(s) will be housed in the St. Joseph Public Library as part of its collection, to be available for research without restriction, and to be administered in accordance with the St. Joseph Public Library’s policies. Future uses may include quotation, publication, reproduction, exhibition or broadcast in any media including the internet.

I understand that this agreement covers the original recording(s) of my oral history and any transcripts or other reproduction of the original recordings made by the St. Joseph Public Library.

I release and indemnify the St. Joseph Public Library, its employees, board members, agents and representatives from any and all claims or demands arising out of or in connection with the use of this interview, including but not limited to any claims for defamation, copyright violation, and invasion of privacy or right of publicity.


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