Annenberg Media
Annenberg Media offers fee-based language instruction, but its website also allows free access to video on demand, which is intended to help users learn a new language. Sign-up is necessary.

BBC Languages
This site from the BBC will help you begin to learn, or brush up on a language.

Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon
Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon helps those wanting to learn another language by matching photos with the targeted words.

Fonts and Font Links
Fonts and Font Links will be of help to those wanting to learn another language. Many links are to free resources. Some sites charge.
Forvo offers pronunciations of words spoken by native speakers. Pronunciations of words in Turkish, Irish, Czech, and Persian are included along with more commonly spoken languages.

FSI Language Courses
These language courses were originally developed by the Foreign Service Institute, and cover approximately 40 languages. There is a student text to accompany each language, and recordings of people speaking phrases first in English, then the foreign language being studied. While there are no photos to go with the phrases, this is still a good way to get started in learning another language.

Hello World
Hello World is a good place for kids to practice or start learning a language. Games and flash cards are available. Some content is only available for a fee. Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Latvian are available.

ILoveLanguages is a helpful collection of links to sites devoted to learning languages.

Imendi will help you build vocabulary in your choice of four languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Czech.

With LangMedia, you can learn languages through videos depicting common social situations. The site also offers a great deal of information about the culture of the countries represented. Some of the content is only available to students of the colleges that support the program, but much is available free of charge. uses videos of everyday situations to help users learn Spanish.

Livemocha offers some free content to help those who want to start learning another language.
Mango Languages offers some free content, with registration. Initial lessons are free, though following sessions are available for a fee. may be helpful in finding a speaker of another language with whom to practice.

Omniglot, A Guide to Writing Systems
Omniglot offers a wide variety of information about languages, including writing systems, alphabets and proninciation keys, sample text

Repeat After Us
Repeat After Us helps users learn languages through recordings of poetry, children’s stories, drama, nursery rhymes, tongue twisters and more.

Romanization Tables
These Romanization tables may help those doing research or learning a new language.

Translation Services
This helpful site offers links to language translation sites.

U S English Foundation
The U S English Foundation offers free English language learning through this website. While designed for children, the site will probably be of use for adults beginning to learn as well. Sign-up for a free acount is required.

U.S.A Learns
U.S.A. Learns offers the opportunity to learn English online. Registration is necessary.

Vocabulix offers free assistance to those wanting to learn Spanish, German, and English.

Voxy has games and more, to help you learn languages.

WordSteps will help you build your vocabulary when learning the more commonly spoken languages.