America’s Job Bank
America’s Job Bank allows the user to post resumes, write cover letters, and search for jobs.

Career Builder
At Career Builder, you can post your resume, search for job openings, and receive email notification when an opening matches your needs.

Career Guide to Industries
The Career Guide to Industries will be of help in choosing a career, and learning more about its requirements.

The United States Department of Labor offers this site which is intended to help job seekers find the best jobs for them.

Hot Jobs
At Hot Jobs, the job seeker can post resumes, and search job ads. Companies with job openings can search for potential employees. is an easy to search database of nationwide job openings. Searches can be limited by type of job, or geographically.
Visit for information about internship opportunities.

Job Star
Job Star provides leads to information about jobs that aren’t advertised.

Job seekers can find information here about job hunting, and career advice. offers access to information about many employers’ job openings.

Missouri Merit System
Learn here about Missouri employment opportunities available through the state merit system.
At Monster, you can post your resume, network with other job seekers, and search for job openings.

My Skills My Future
My Skills My Future helps job seekers use their employment history to help them decide on paths to take to the future.

O*Net Online
Search here for definitions of job titles.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
The Occupational Outlook Handbook offers in-depth descriptions of many jobs, including the expected number of future job openings, the amount and type of training needed, expected earnings, and more.

Riley Guide
Riley Guide offers a wealth of information about searching for employment online.

SalaryExpert offers job hunters a guide to salaries that can be expected for jobs across the country. allows young people to search for jobs with the United States government, and receive help in creating their first resumes.

USA Jobs
USA Jobs is the official job hunting website of the United States federal government. Users can post resumes, and search through job openings.