Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
ATSDR offers descriptions of toxic substances and how they may affect you. ToxFAQs describe potentially toxic substances and how you may be able to protect yourself from them.

Check here for the most up to date and reliable information about HIV and AIDS.

Allergy Information
Information about allergies and asthma from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. The site includes a physician search feature. Health
AllRefer offers a medical encyclopedia, pictures, information about diseases, symptoms, tests and exams, surgery, nutrition, injuries, poisons, alternative medicine and more.

Alzheimer’s Information
The Alzheimer’s Association site provides information about the condition, information about clinical trials, and local chapter contacts.

AMA Atlas of the Human Body
The American Medical Association offers this instructive guide to the human body.

American Medical Association
American Medical Association

Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations
Medications listed on this site have been approved under section 505 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Consumers may use the information to become more knowledgeable about the drugs they use.

ATSDR Public Health Statements
ATSDR Public Health Statements provide information about toxic substances that may be encountered on the job or elsewhere.

Autism Services State of Missouri
This site offers information about autism, and links to additional resources.

Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator
The United States Department of Health offers this service which may help you find the treatment you need. Click on a state to start.

Cancer Information
The American Cancer Society provides information about types of cancer, information about clinical trials, and treatment options.

Cancer Information
The National Cancer Institute offers information on types of cancer, treatment options, clinical trials, and more

Cellular Telephone Specific Absorption Rate
Use the information provided here to help select a new cell phone.

Centers for Disease Control
The Centers for Disease Control offer statistics, information about diseases, genetics, travelers’ health, and much more.

Learn about the chemicals that are a part of our lives.

Clinical Trials Database
National Institutes of Health Clinical Trials Database

Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The National Institutes of Health offer this source of information for consumers about alternative medicine.

Comprehensive Database on Environmental Chemicals
This database offers information about chemicals found in the environment.;jsessionid=23F9DD2AC47264BC691C6EEA84325B8E

Consumer Health Information in Many Languages Resources
The National Network of Libraries of Medicine offers many links to multi-lingual sources of health information.

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports offers health information on selected topics. Some content is available only via subscription.

Diabetes Information
The American Diabetes Association provides information about diabetes, research, recipes for food preparation and more.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015
Learn here about what we should be eating to improve our health.

Dietary Supplements Labels Database
The Dietary Supplements Labels Database offers helpful information to those wanting to learn more about the supplements they take in order to protect their health.

Dirline, Directory of Health-Related Organizations
Dirline, from the National Library of Medicine, offers this directory of health-related organizations, with complete contact information.

Doctor Finder
The American Medical Association allows the user to search for physicians by specialty or name, and provides the telephone number, medical school attended, type pf practice, and more.

Drug Information
The National Library of Medicine, and the National Institutes of Health sponsor this site which provides information about prescription and non-prescription drugs. will help virtually anyone using prescription medications to better understand what they are used for, side effects, and more. offers information about prescription drugs. Categories include drug interactions, side effects, lawsuits, and recalls.

Search for information here about the effects of various chemicals on humans.
This site, offered by the American Academy of Family Physicians, offers information about getting and staying healthy.

Food and Nutrition Information Center
The Food and Nutrition Information Center, of the United States Department of Agriculture, provides dietary guidelines, information about dietary supplements, and reports on a wide range of other topics.

Fraud in Health Care is dedicated to helping consumers avoid health care fraud.

Genetics Home Reference
Genetics Home Reference offers information about diseases and conditions that may tend to be inherited.

Haz-map offers information to those who may be exposed to potentially harmful substances at work.

Health Reform Subsidy Calculator
Learn how the recent health care reform legislation may impact your finances. allows the user to search for insurance coverage.

Healthfinder is a source of information from our federal government about a wide range of health-related subjects. may be helpful in choosing a doctor, hospital or nursing home.

Healthy Air
The American Lung Association allows the user to search the United States for information about the air we breathe.

Heart Information
The American Heart Association offers an encyclopedia covering information about the heart and strokes.The site provides information on heart disease, and how to live a healthy heart lifestyle.

Household Products Safety Database
The National Library of Medicine offers this source of information about the safety of household chemicals.

ICD-9 Provider & Diagnostic Codes
If a hospital bill needs to be deciphered, try this database offered by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Kidshealth has health information for and about kids. The website is divided into sections for parents, teens, and kids, with language appropriate for each group.

Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic offers a reliable source of information about many health-related questions.

Medical Boards
Contact information and web links are provided for state medical boards. Consumers can contact the boards or visit their websites to learn more about their physicians.

Medical Specialists
The American Board of Medical Specialists offers a free service that allows the user to verify whether his/her physician is board certified. The user must register, but the service is free of charge.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
Learn here about the new Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage program, and how to enroll.

MedlinePlus provides information on health topics, a medical encyclopedia, medical dictionary, and directories of doctors, dentists and hospitals.

Merck Manuals
Respected medical publisher Merck offers free content from some of its well-known titles.

Merck Manuals Online Medical Library
You can look here for a wide variety of information about health. Choose from categories like blood disorders, eye disorders, heart and blood vessel disorders, and many more. Searches by specific topics are also possible.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services offers information about a wide range of health topics, and provides contact information for those wanting copies of birth and death records.

My Family Health Portrait
The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services offers this helpful resource. Families can create their own health profiles, to share with medical professionals, or other family members.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases website includes publications on these conditions, information about clinical trials, and more.

National Institutes of Health
The National Institutes of Health site provides a wide range of information about health, and includes links to toll-free telephone numbers, and links to information about clinical trials.

National Library of Medicine
The National Library of Medicine offers information about health-related topics, and includes a household products database, and links to information about clinical trials.

News in Health
News in Health is a monthly online health newsletter from the National Institutes of Health.

NIHSeniorHealth offers a wealth of information about health concerns of older Americans.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Partnership for Prescription Assistance may be able to help you get the prescription medications you need, when you don’t have insurance coverage.

Prescription Drug Information
Consumer Reports has begun testing and reporting results on certain prescription drugs.
Search Pubmed for citations to medical journal articles. Visit St. Joseph Public Library to place requests for articles through interlibrary loan.

Spanish Language Information About Health
The National Institutes of Health offers Spanish-language information on staying healthy.
Visit this website for information about care of the spine, advice for managing pain, and much more.

State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs
Consumers may be able to find help with prescription drug costs through these programs.

Tox Town
At Tox Town, you can learn about toxic chemicals and other environmental hazards that you might encounter. Youll be directed to links for information from a variety of sources.

Toxic 100 Air Polluters
Learn which major corporations are responsible for air pollution.

Learn about toxic substances that affect us at home, work, and elsewhere.

WebMD offers a physician directory, symptom identifier, information about diseases, and much more.

Womens Health provides a wide selection of information about womens health concerns.