Checkers TV is a weekly educational entertainment program featuring Checkers the Inventor, his robot sidekick, Snoozer, and a variety of special visitors!

Each weekly episode also includes segments featuring storytelling, author interviews, art projects, science experiments, interactive games, contests, comedy, magic, and exciting short films that will have children on the edge of their seats. Watch, make, and read using the resources below!

For direct video access, visit the St. Joseph Public Library’s Checkers TV Playlist.

Episode 2: 3D Printing (September 12, 2021) Checkers and Snoozer discover the amazing world of 3D printing. They will visit a real graphic design company and learn how to print Checkers a new watch!

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Ready to make your very own Checkers Watch? Print this page then jump to 6:48 for instructions! Checkers Watch Craft Template